One of the most time consuming and complex aspects of wholesale operations is data entry. However, it’s a crucial part of ensuring your products are presented in the best possible way.

Making sure your product’s details are entered correctly can take hours of filing through CSVs, PDFs and image files. Doing this manually is hugely time consuming for you and your retailers. Also, doing it incorrectly can lead to a disappointing customer experience and less sales for your brand.

Thankfully, there is a modern solution to this problem that allows you and your staff to spend more time on growing your business.

Reduce Your Data Entry Through Alvio Data Partnerships on Shopify

Thanks to the Alvio application, Shopify businesses can seamlessly share data in real-time, saving hours on wholesale data entry.

All that’s required is for the necessary data to exist on your main website. Then, through Alvio data partnerships, you can make that exact information available to anyone in your retailer network.

Alvio’s modern solution means there’s no duplication of effort or potential mistakes. No more CSVs, PDFs or multiple spreadsheets that need to be constantly updated. Just one single data point that can be broadcast to all other sites in real-time.

Crucially, our solution ensures you deliver the best customer experience across all retail sites. The quality of your product presentation will always be maintained in one place, saving your team and partners hours of manual data entry. 

How to Form Partnerships on Alvio

Forming a data partnership on Alvio is quick and easy. You don’t need a developer – everything is handled in our easy-to-use application.

All you need to do is connect to your partner through the Alvio network and select whether you are the source store or destination store for the product information.

Once the partnership is accepted, simply select which products you want to make available to your partner. All product information, including all meta fields, will then be available for your retailers to import in just a few clicks.

The Alvio application makes data sharing between Shopify websites quicker and easier than ever before. There are already many Shopify businesses using Alvio to grow their online sales.

If you would like to join them, why not contact our team today?

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