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Guirado Design is an exclusive label founded in 2015 by Catalina Guirado, the daughter of Spanish abstract artist Juan Antonio Guirado (1932-2010). Guirado Design offers a  range of beautiful luxury products featuring a select number of prints for this unique collection of digital imagery, featured on luxury items including scarves, fashion prints, furnishings and bespoke wallpapers. 

 Guirado Design embodies the Gypset (gypsy + jet set) lifestyle of father and daughter with emphasis on Spanish flamenco culture mixed with rock n roll bohemian glamour. Guirado's art is strongly influenced by his spiritual beliefs, study of eastern philosophy and mans quest for enlightenment. The artwork chosen for Guirado Design is specifically chosen for its enlightening qualities that best reflects the artist, his beliefs and true essence shared by his daughter.

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