The Zero Waste Beverage Company

STIRZ started out as one woman asking herself a question…

Surely… there must be a better way?

Gigi de Grano the Founder of STIRZ Brands loves spending time outdoors camping and fishing with family, and drinking Coffee was always part of those adventures! But why did the simple pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee have to be so such a hassle? Getting back to Nature was easy… but enjoying the full outdoor experience was not!

Carrying equipment about, fiddling with accessories, and the pain of the clean-up process afterwards, all while staying true to “Leave No Trace”?

In the summer of 2018, committed to making things A LOT easier for coffee drinking outdoor adventurers, Gigi came up with the idea for STIRZ and found that as her passion grew so did her vision. Gaining support from friends separated by geography but brought together by a love for sports, getting outdoors and of course… Coffee!

STIRZ also looked towards solving some of the environmental issues that were close to the values of its Founder and the family she was building.

In just 12 months STIRZ had transformed into a sustainable beverage brand that was looking to produce the ‘World’s First Zero Waste Coffee’ in ultra-convenient dissolving pouches.

Filled with premium Arabica micro-ground instant coffee, all you would need is a travel mug and hot water to enjoy the perfect outdoor coffee that is Simple, Satisfying and Sustainable.

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