Share your Shopify Product information without the headaches!

There are many reasons why you might wish to import or export your products to or from another Shopify store such as 

  • Shopify Multistore setup for Regions 
  • Separate consumer and wholesale Shopify sites 
  • Multiple Brand Shopify sites for a single company
  • Backup product data to another Shopify account

Whatever the reason for importing and exporting Shopify products between two or more stores CSV are not the best option. That's why we created Alvio Data Partnerships 

Simply connect to your partner store through the Alvio network and select whether you are the source store or destination store for the product information.

Once the partnership is excepted simply select which products you want to make available to your partner.

All product information including meta fields is then available to other other store to import in a few clicks. 

How Are We Different To Other Apps? 

We don't penalise you for having large inventory

Many other Apps charge per SKU count we don't, we charge by connections so no matter how many products you have you only get charged for the number of store you share them with. 

We charge you not the person your sharing the data with 

Its seems crazy to us to penalise someone so that they can import your data especial in cases where your copying data between sties in a single organisation, you end up paying twice for your own data.  

We support all of the data including Shopify Metafields of all Types

We built Alvio to be forward looking and as standard we have always supported metafields. So weather you have extended product information or are using a new Store 2.0 theme we have you covered 

We do more 

Data partnerships are just one type of connection, why not explore order sync and other uses for Alvio such as Brand Partnerships, Retail networks.

Alvio is about collaborative commerce not just sharing data.