Export product information and sync Inventory and Orders across multiple Shopify stores all in real time with Alvio Collaborative Commerce.

If your setting up brand partnerships, reducing complexity of Shopify multi-site setup or building out private dropship networks for your products Alvio has all the functionality you need and more. 

Connect in minutes through the Alvio network, configure your relationships and Alvio takes care of all of the complex stuff.

  • Manage what products and at what price per relationship
  • Inventory updates across connected stores within seconds
  • Partners can Import thousands of products within minutes
  • Set Shipping and Invoicing rules
  • All order and fulfilment automatically sync'd between stores


Connecting to Multiple Shopify Partner Sites made simple.  

All you need to form a partnership is share a secret ID between your to companies. Either partner can then make a request and acceptance is single click. that's all there is to it your now connected. 

TAX settings are all automated and Shipping & invoicing is just a few clicks

Alvio is clever and takes the tax settings from your store, so no matter if your in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world you can work with partners in your country safe in the knowledge you will always be charging the right tax on both products and shipping for the orders your receive.

Shipping is further simplified by using the rates you already have setup in your store just choose whether you want to use the cheapest or most expensive of your rates or invoice separately for shipping if you wish

Want to invoice out side of Alvio and use existing processes then no problem or have us take care of that for you and we'll invoice your partner through Shopify every 7 days with a link to make payment through your existing checkout

Peace of mind on the thing's that matter and less to configure 

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Easy to manage products sharing in a way your familiar with

Alvio is designed using Shopify Polaris so the UI is just like your used to using managing your products in your Shopify admin.

Select and filter your product catalogue easily by all the attributes your used to such as vendor, type, tag and status,

Set your product pricing in bulk or at the product and variant level, choose to give discount from RRP either as percentage or fixed discount. 

Want to work of your cost price no problem choose to give them an up lift.

Need to mix it up no problem use variety of pricing strategies across your products.

Make available to your partner in a few clicks with bulk actions or be more selective.

Your products once shared will be immediately available to your partner to review and import to their store.  

NO CSV's, No Developers just simple, intuitive and lightening fast

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Share more than just standard product fields & attributes  

We understand some products need more than the standard Shopify attributes and no matter if your using a Store 2.0 or have a legacy theme that makes use of meta fields to extend product information, we make it all available to your partner stores.

Inventory Kept in Sync across multiple partnerships in more ways than just one  

Which ever option you choose its all synced across your partners sites in near real time. we do that but we do more. 

We allow you to choose how you want to Sync the inventory & availability in your relationships and give you the options you need. 

You can have your partner stores reflect the exact inventory in your own store if accuracy is your primary need 

For those companies not wanting to expose there actual inventory count and this can be for many reasons, we allow you to Simply reflect whether something is in stock or out of stock.

For instances such as Print On Demand ( POD ) products where inventory is irrelevant we allow you to simply turn stock sync off and ensure the product is always available. 


Shopify Order Sync that supports the use of third party systems and makes organising and dealing with Partner orders easy

We understand that just about every Shopify store has some kind of third party service integrated to handle orders that ranges from warehouse management, Print On Demand services to Accounting packages and Customer service Apps. 

To make orders easy to arrange in the Shopify admin and third party services we do the following.

Whether your a partner store or the originating store we Tag the orders with the name of the corresponding Shopify store or stores in the partnership that relate to the order. This makes segmentation of the orders in the admin view or identifying the orders in other backend processes simple and Shopify centric. 

It has great benefits for custom reporting and numerous other aspects of running a store. 

We also provide a more generic Tag so you can easily identify orders that are part of the Alvio integration as a whole. 

In addition to help with customer service enquiries for both parties in the partnership we update the Order information with the Order number each order relates to in the corresponding store so no matter what the enquiry you can both locate and find the order your talking about quickly and more importantly accurately.

We even help partner stores that may have orders with products from there partners or multiple partners buy identifying which products relate to which partner within the order.

All of this is Shopify native and is on the actual order in your Shopify admin so its in context and where your used to seeing it 

Of course all of this is done along side providing real time fulfilment updates synced between orders including any tracking numbers all done at the line item level so no matter if a order is a mix of your own products or from multiple partner stores its always accurate.

So no matter why you need to sync products, inventory and orders between 2 or multiple Shopify stores, be it brand partnerships, retail or dropship networks Alvio has the functionality, flexibility and speed to allow you to do what you need with out any fuss.

Built by Shopify Experts to Solve real Shopify Merchant Needs 

The founders of Alvio have been working with Shopify for 11 years, having launched the 123rd Shopify store ever on the platform and all of those years of experience dealing real businesses through there Agency is poured into creating Alvio and its feature set, there is no another Shopify App out there that can claim such a pedigree.