Supplying Product Data Can Be Time Consuming & Complex

Getting the products shipped to your wholesale customers is often the easy bit, but what about providing the product information i.e data logistics.

Traditionally this involves export and import of CSV's, PDF's, spreadsheets, multiple data sources for images and extended product data.

A huge amount time and effort is expended by your retailers , just so they can sell the products they purchased from you. 

Retailers can take shortcuts, which often result in poor representation of the product and less sales. 

Management of requests for product information ties up your staff and takes time.

Alvio Data Partnerships Are The Solution

You already added the product information to your wholesale Shopify store, so Alvio data partnerships allows you to make that information available to your retailers to directly import into their own Shopify store  

No duplication of effort, No more CSV's, PDF's, Spreadsheets or multiple data sources for you or your clients

Creating a far better wholesale customer experience and saving you and them hours of work, whilst preserving the quality of the information and the presentation of the product to the end consumer 

How is a partnerships formed?

Simply connect to your partner through the Alvio network and select whether you are the source store or destination store for the product information.

Once the partnership is excepted simply select which products you want to make available to your partner.

All product information including all meta fields is then available to import in a few clicks.      

Key Benefits for Shopify Wholesale Merchants

Data Entry is Reduced for Everyone

* Retailers Get Products Live Quicker

* More Control of Data & Less Effort

* Reduced Errors & Increased Quality

* Faster Product Launches & Updates

* Easy Supply of Extended Product Information

Collaborative Commerce Improves efficiency and increases revenues for you and your customers

Benefits of Data Partnerships for Shopify Wholesale Merchants

The simple act of making product information, directly available and easier to manage has many benefits for you and your customers