What is Trust but Verify?

Essentially when you first install Alvio in your store we make some simple automated checks to ensure that as part of the Alvio network you bring value to any partnerships that you form. 

Aims of the Policy?

The reasons behind Trust But Verify are numerous, however, the key factors are as follows

  • Ensure users of the app bring value to their partnerships
  • Ensure Businesses installing Alvio are ready to make best use of the functionality offered 
  • Bring Trust to the partnerships formed 
  • Protect Against potentially fraudulent activity 

Verification Requirements?

The verification requirements are meant to be as inclusive possible 

  • The Store has an active Shopify plan ( not a development or test store )
  • Has at least 2 or more active products available through the store
  • Has an active payment gateway
  • Has at least 2 orders placed, fulfilled in the last 2 months & that payment was taken through the active payment gateway
  • Primary domain is not a .myshopify address

What If Validation Fails?

If your store fails any of the above requirements on installing of the App it may indicate that you are not at stage in your business development to make best use of Alvio. 

We do, however, recognise that this maybe not be the case and any automated validation is not perfect. Please submit you're case for inclusion either in the form below or the one available in the app its self.

We will review the case manually and contact you should we need to discuss anything with you or require more detail. 

At the end of the day a network is only as strong as it members so we will honestly try to include you if there is good reason to do so.  

Request Consideration

We will review and consider each request on is merits