What are data partnerships?

Data partnerships are formed between Shopify merchants or Shopify stores that wish to share product information. This drastically reduces the need for data entry and maintains the quality of the data and brand presentation. 

Uses of data partnerships

  • Allow existing retailers to import product data easily 
  • Distribute your product data in a Shopify Multi site setup
  • Copy data to a new development store or satellite store 
  • Reduce data entry for wholesale customers

When you starting thinking about it there are endless possibilities! 

How is a partnerships formed?

Simply connect to your partner through the Alvio network and select whether you are the source store or destination store for the product information.

Once the partnership is excepted simply select which products you want to make available to your partner.

All product information including all meta fields is then available to import in a few clicks.      


How is this different from other Partnerships?

A data partnership differs from retail and brand partnerships in the fact that you only import and export product information and no order or inventory information is sync'd between the two partners 

    Benefits of Data Partnerships

    With Alvio Its Simple

    No CSV’s, No Developers, just simple, powerful, elegant and fast.

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