What are retail partnerships?

Retail partnerships are formed between product partners and retail partners to supply products in a dropship model. This is an ideal strategy for new products and brands to gain retail exposure quickly and effectively and removes the potential resistance of a retailer to investing in wholesale quantities of a product.

Uses of retail partnerships

  • Trialling new types of products in store before wholesale commitment 
  • Bringing new products to market quicker
  • Expanding retail reach with less complexity and effort
  • Maintaining greater control of product & brand presentation
  • Reducing the Carbon footprint of your products


How is a partnerships formed?

In each partnership you are either a

  • Product Partner making your products available to others stores to sell and shipping the orders on behalf of your partners
  • Retail Partner selling other partners products to compliment your own.

Benefits of Retail Partnerships

Both parties benefit form this kind of collaboration in different ways

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