Thanks to Alvio, it’s never been easier for businesses to work together and achieve even greater results through collaborative commerce

Our app allows you to sync important data with brand, retail and data partners in real-time. Alvio, syncs your orders, inventory and fulfilment information, without the need for CSVs or developers.

Businesses are already utilising Alvio to leverage the power of collaboration and dramatically improve their results. Take a look below at how a retail and supply partnership delivered an increase in revenue for both parties.

Case Study: Bronzie & Donna May London

Bronzie is a luxury fake tanning brand, offering a range of products designed to make tanning easy and accessible to everyone. They offer products on their own site while also supplying other retailers.

Donna May London is a multi award winning makeup and beauty retailer.  Their website offers a range of makeup products from various brands.

While these partners are different businesses, they share a similar audience and mutually-beneficial objectives. By working together, they were able to provide their shared audience with a greater proposition, resulting in notably-improved results.

This partnership was made possible thanks to the simple and effective technology utilised by Alvio. 

View the full Case Study here:

Finding the Perfect Partner

The first step for any successful partnership, of course, is finding the perfect partner.

Alvio has the potential to connect e-commerce businesses with each other, allowing them to find the perfect match for their business’, brand and objectives.

Bronzie and Donna May London were the perfect match thanks to their similar target audience and mutually-beneficial objectives.

Bronzie wished to put their product in front of more people to increase product sales and revenues. Donna May London had that audience and wished to offer them a wider product offering without having to take on any additional stock.

Launching the Partnership

Thanks to Alvio, Bronzie and Donna May London were able to try out their partnership risk-free. 

During this partnership, Bronzie products appeared on Donna May London’s website. Once connected via Alvio, all necessary data was quickly and simply shared in real-time, without the need for CSVs or developers.

Both parties supported the launch of the partnership, with Bronzie offering a discount and Donna May London promoting the partnership on their social media accounts.

Collaborating for Success

Thanks to the partnership, both businesses saw improvements in their revenue.

Bronzie, the supplier, saw their core product sales increase by 73% through the partnership, while also achieving more exposure to new potential customers in their target market.

Donna May London generated additional orders that they would not have had previously, all with a clear profit margin of 10%.

As seen in this simple but effective partnership, by working together, businesses can achieve mutually-beneficial results, driving growth and revenues. 

Sign your brand up to Alvio today, risk free. 

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