Cross Platform 

Alvio is completely platform agonistic and currently integrates with Shopify and Woo Commerce directly, with additional platforms being added soon. Alvio also enables the ability to use legacy methodology such as CSV's

Our commitment is to strive to deliver data, native to your platform, so no changes to your internal processes and systems are required

Inventory Sync

Inventory kept in sync across multiple partnerships in the way that you want

Whichever option you choose, it is all synced across your partners sites in near real time

We allow you to choose how you want to sync the inventory & availability in your B2B partnerships, and give you the options you need

  • You can sync the exact inventory in your own store if accuracy is your primary need
  • For those businesses not wanting to expose their actual inventory count, and this can be for many reasons, we allow you to simply reflect whether something is in stock or out of stock
  • For instances such as Print On Demand ( POD ) products, where inventory is irrelevant ,we allow you to simply turn off stock sync and ensure the product is always available


Order Sync

Order sync that supports the use of third party systems and makes organising and dealing with Partner orders easy

We understand that just about every ecommerce business, no matter the platform, has some kind of third party service integrated to handle orders that range from warehouse management and Print On Demand services, through to accounting packages and customer service integrations. 

To make orders easy to arrange in your admin and third party services we do the following.

Whether you're a retailer or the supplier in partnership we add the name of the corresponding partner or partners in the relationship to the order.

This makes segmentation of the orders in the admin, or identifying the orders in other backend processes simple

This has great benefits for custom reporting and numerous other aspects of running a business. 

We also provide a more generic identifier so you can easily identify orders that are part of the Alvio integration as a whole. 


In addition to help with customer service enquiries for both parties in the partnership, we update the order information with the order number each order relates to in the corresponding store, so no matter what the enquiry you can locate and find the order your talking about quickly and more importantly accurately.

We even help partner stores that may have orders with products from their suppliers or multiple suppliers by identifying which products relate to which suppliers within the order.

All of this is platform native, and is on the actual order in your admin, so it is in context and where you're used to seeing it 

Of course all of this is done alongside providing real time fulfilment updates synced between orders, including any tracking numbers and all done at the line item level. So, no matter if an order is a mix of your own products or from multiple suppliers it is always accurate.