What is it?

Functionality that allows businesses to manage and share product data with partners directly through our platform.  

Massively reduce the data entry requirements & issues arising with data duplication for partners while maintaining centralised control of your data.

Data Partnerships

Data entry & management is time consuming 

A huge amount of time and effort is expended by you and your partners, both external and internal, to produce and distribute accurate product information

This ranges from your team managing requests for product information, adjusting and suppling product data and assets for each partner through to the partners inputting the supplied information to there Content Management Systems    

This can lead to shortcuts being taken and inconstancies, which often results in poor representation of the product and fewer sales. 

How is this solved?

Simply connect to your partner through the AlvioConnect functionality of our platform. 

You can then easily filter and select which products the partner needs the data for, and share it with them at the click of button.

All product data including all extended fields is then available to your partner to import in a few clicks or alternatively download in other formats.    


Our platform takes care of all of the complicated stuff in the background, translating fields to deliver the data to your partner in the format that is native to their CMS. All achieved in most cases through direct integrations in real time.  

You also remain in control in the case of direct integration. If you un-share product data the corresponding product is unpublished on the partners website or CMS. 

What Are The Advantages?

  • Vastly reduces data entry & duplication
  • Provides granular control over which partners have access to which products
  • Making data importing easy for partners increases accuracy, and improves presentation, protecting your brand 
  • Provides PIM like functionality without the cost and reduces complexity in multiple site setups 
  • Reduce data entry for wholesale customers