What are they?

Simple to use blockchain proofs that protect your products, partnerships & customers.

Authenticated Product Listings are the ecommerce version of holograms and swing tags 

Physical Retail 

In a physical retail environment licensed and branded products are often authenticated with holograms and swing tags to give consumers confidence and proof that the they are buying official and or genuine products, merchandise and memorabilia. 

Ecommerce has no equivalence

There is no equivalence available to consumers in ecommerce. All a consumer has to go on are secondary points of reference such as product images, site design, and general common sense checks which can be easily copied. There is no definitive proof that the product they order is the real thing until it arrives  

The solution is "Blockchain Authenticated Product Listings"

All a consumer has to do is look for the Digital Seal in the description on the product pages to identify that the product has been approved  

They can easily check the product listing is authentic in several ways 

  1. The product listing title and title on the seal should match 
  2. The seller domain should match the store domain
  3. You can click on the seal and view the authentication where the images and information should match that of the product you are viewing   

Live Example on Clients Website

What Are The Advantages?

  • Protect your official partners from product diversion and unauthorised markets
  • Increased ease of digital surveillance & track products to the final consumer 
  • Drive out counterfeited products from the market and increase consumer confidence
  • While other authentication companies protect the package, we authenticate the product at Point of sale