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What are Store to Store Partnerships?

Brands make their products available for sale through Partner stores complimenting Partners product offering. Partners sell the products to their customers & Brands fulfil the orders direct to the Partners customer

How Does It Work?

The Alvio Network takes care of all the complex stuff.

From Syncing orders, inventory & fulfilment Data to The importing and Exporting of product information.

All in real time. No CSV’s, No Developers, just simple, powerful, elegant and fast.

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What Margins Can Partners Expect?

We recommend brands give around a 20% margin for partners on the Alvio Network, however, this is all up to the Brand & Partner to negotiate if they want.

Can stores be both Brand & Partner at the same time?

Yes, we actively encourage this with our users. Each store can be both either in a single partnership or in a multiple partner and brand networks.

Do you support multiple currencies and tax regions?

Yes, we support all major currencies & taxes, the only restriction is that stores connecting to each other both have to use the same currency.

We will be supporting cross boarder trade in the future.

Can I migrate existing relationships to Alvio?

Yes, we have a completely free migration service available to all our Pioneers.

The time and effort Alvio saves for both Partners and Brands is of huge benefit to both parties

Do customers know products are fulfilled by another partner?

No, from a consumers perspective fulfilment updates etc come from your store, just like any other order.

Does Alvio work with Print On Demand Apps and other 3rd Parties?

Yes, Alvio creates orders in merchant stores just as if they had been placed through your checkout.

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