Here at Alvio, we just love a great idea. The kind of idea that feels groundbreaking, yet at the same time, so essential, so obvious, that you're sort of amazed no one thought of it before. Sprii is exactly that kind of idea.

Sprii is an innovative tech company that uses live shopping streams and events to build authentic community engagement into sales platforms. No more dry, static online shopping experiences – Sprii adds a personal touch which has been shown to boost revenues and drive higher conversion rates.

Earlier this year, our very own Ian Rabbidge was honoured with an invitation to contribute to Sprii’s insightful report on ecommerce predictions in 2024. Ian’s contribution talked about the role and potential of partnerships in ecommerce for the year ahead.

Shortly after the publication of that report, Ian joined Sprii’s Alex McNab-Lundback for a more in-depth chat about ecommerce partnerships. Here’s a taster of what he had to say.


“I would say if you're selecting the right partnership and you put the right partnership elements in place at the very beginning, then you should be seeing a return relatively quickly. And if you're not seeing any transactions taking place within the first four weeks or so, I think I'd be questioning and looking at the efforts that are being made.”


“...And if you can partner with another brand or a retailer that is already driving that demographic to their website and you can place your brand directly into that website in front of that consumer, then it's a very, very efficient way to operate – and you're getting a greater bang for your buck in terms of the investment. Certainly the retailer is, because they're amortising that cost.”


“The key thing here is that we're working within ecommerce. How do you tell the story of a brand, and bring that brand to life? And then do that final stage of commercialising the brand within that ecommerce world. What's great about working with Sprii is that I can actually take this commercialisation piece that we're helping the brands with, and bring Sprii into the mix, which then helps with a lot of the activation and then bringing those brands to life.”

Ian Rabbidge for Sprii: Partnerships in 2024

To find out more, watch the full 30-minute interview with Ian Rabbidge on the Sprii website. While you’re there you can also read Ian’s full article for the Sprii report, titled “Partnerships Will Give Power Back to Smaller Brands.”

We want to commend Sprii on creating such a useful resource, which draws together industry insights from five seasoned experts – to give us all a better view of what to expect from the year ahead.

We highly recommend you take a read through the other articles too:

  • “Strengthening Conventional Retail: How Live Shopping Boosts, Not Competes,” by Steven Hubbard (Sprii);
  • “Authentic Commerce: The New Consumer Driver,” by Christian Vester (Sprii);
  • “Hybrid Retail Will Create
Best-in-Class Experiences,” by Krister Karjalainen (Sprii); and
  • “2024 Will be the Year of Live Shopping Consolidation and Explosion,” by Luis Esteban (The Jump Live Commerce).

So check out the full Sprii report on 2024 Ecommerce Predictions, and why not follow Sprii on LinkedIn too? If we can add just one more prediction for 2024, it’s that Sprii are going to be worth keeping an eye on.


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