What is it?

All the functionality you need to quickly configure product ranges, trade prices, inventory policies and more

Authority through your network not your settings

On our platform you are in complete control of building out your network of partnerships. Through those connections in your network you enable built in authority for your partners to have access to your data and certain innate privileges based on the connection type.

An example of this is working with our Consumer Blockchain Authentication system ( if this is enabled in your platform account ). Only those partners you as a brand connect with can display Authenticated Product Listings and issue Product Authentication At Point Of Sale. However, you don't have to configure any settings, you simply pick the type of partnership you want when you connect ( see below ). 

Partnerships Types 

Retail & Supplier

  • Inventory & order sync
  • Product data sharing
  • Shipping configs
  • Authenticated product listings ( If enabled )
  • Point of sale product authentication ( If enabled )

Data Only

  • Product data sharing
  • Authenticated product listings

Partnership Configuration

Once a partnership has been created through AlvioConnect only the unique aspects of the partnership are left to configure. Everything else complicated just happens in the background through the platform.  

Ending A Partnership  

Whilst we hope all our users have long lasting and profitable partnerships, for many reasons they may come to an end at some point, and this feature is just as important as the ease of creating the partnerships in the first place

We have different options for ending the partnership types and the focus is on those that have financial implications. For these Retail & Suppler relationships we provide both a graceful degrading option and the nuclear hard break option for when things go south. More detail on these can be found here