What is it?

Authentication of genuine product and proof of ownership through ecommerce & physical retail using blockchain technology at POS

Authentication at POS is more secure than any physical method 

The problem with physical product or packaging authentication 

In a physical retail environment licensed and branded products are often authenticated with holograms, swing tags and NFC chips. The issue with this is the products are marked authentic at point of production which doesn't address 

  • Product diversion and unauthorised markets
  • Stolen goods being sold as genuine
  • Physical packaging being counterfeited or sold
  • In the case of NFC the need for consumer adoption of secondary technology

The solution is "Blockchain Product Authentication At Point Of Sale"

Through an integration with the Alvio platform at the point of sale, the previously certified product or products are identified on the blockchain and Digital Certificates of Authenticity are issued to the customers email address.

This is in effect is an Digital Twin, or NFT of the product purchased and it resides on the blockchain as proof of authenticity and ownership.

As it is the website or digital POS that is authorised through the Alvio platform, to issue authentication of the product and proof ownership, there is no physical element that can be copied, no matter how sophisticated the counterfeiting operation is. 

This also works in conjunction with Blockchain Authenticated Product Listings to deliver unparalleled product security & consumer confidence.  

What Are The Advantages?

  • No requirement for consumer adoption of additional apps or technology 
  • Minimal cost as no physical assets have to be produced and applied to the product 
  • Protects your official partners from product diversion and unauthorised markets
  • Connects brands directly to the final consumer 
  • Drives out counterfeited products from the market and increases consumer confidence.
  • Creation of traceable irrefutable provenance for high value or rare products