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ArmaUrto - industry leading protective cycling apparel

ArmaUrto create industry leading protective cycling apparel. Their products are developed to protect from impact and abrasion, empowering cyclists to do the thing they love. Their innovative cycling apparel provides unparalleled impact for all types of cyclists. From baselayers to jackets, each product has been designed to ensure cyclists feel safe, comfortable and protected when out on a ride. 


ArmaUrto  are a leading manufacturer of protective cycling clothing and body armour. Their innovative ARMA impact protection padding and Abrasion Reduction technologies enable cyclists of all types and abilities to ride with confidence and reassurance. ArmaUrto was created to offer protection to all cyclists. Following a serious cycling accident, ArmaUrto  saw the need for high performing, stylish cycling clothing that empowered the rider to keep doing what they love. Innovation at its finest!

ArmaUrto products are designed and developed here in the UK and the team decided to work with the finest Italian fabric mills and factories. Once the initial garment has been drawn up, they work closely with their Italian colleagues to test, refine and produce the finished piece to our exacting standards.


The Arma range of parts are tested at the UK’s No1 Premier PPE (Personal protective equipment) Certification and Testing centre, Satra. Whilst there is currently no official testing standards for protective road cycling equipment, ArmaUrto ensure that all their impact protection ARMA parts are tested to EN1621-1 standard — the test is used to assess the protective qualities of armour worn on the limb joints of a motorcycle rider. No product makes it to the consumer unless it has passed this standard.


It’s your ride, your commute.
Your safety, your confidence.
Your protection, your lifestyle.
Your freedom, your security.
Your everyday, your outdoors.
Your way, your future.
Our planet.

For every jacket manufactured, ArmaUrto will plant 4 trees. Their target is to plant 250,000 trees over the next 3 years.

ArmaUrto would like to partner with other cycling brands and teams looking to add their innovative range of protective cycling apparel to their stores




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