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Beartown is a hardworking northern brewery with over 20 years experience crafting beer. Their people are among the most committed and passionate people you’ll find in craft beer. They proudly brew traditional beers and are also committed to innovating. Afterall, one generation’s tradition is another’s revolution.

They’re on a mission to grow Beartown by challenging themselves and their community to dream big. It’s that simple. However, it takes decades of dedication to truly understand that progress can’t be rushed. We understand that time doesn’t guarantee anything but a journey to be shared and it’s exactly that which inspires us.

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Their flagship beer, a Session IPA, Inception is a crushable and quaffable Session IPA, think fruity hop character with a delicate finish. Creme Bearlee, Skinful, Kodoak, Blueberry, Lit, Bruin's Polar and Peach Melbear are just a few of the tantalising beers in their range. Their most popular offering is Beartown Brewery’s assortment of mixed cases. Pick a mixed 12-bottle selection, or 24 cans, or get the bumper 32-item bundle containing both bottles and cans of some of the brewery’s most popular beverages.

Beartown's Bruin's, Lit and Kodiak beers


Beartown means more than a pint of beer, it’s a community of drinkers that identify with a cause to give back to their roots. A spirited belief in the power of persistence, creativity and that a pint tastes best when earned. We have a vision to spread our ethos, furthering the growing community of Beartowners and all whilst making great tasting craft beers that can be enjoyed by generations.


Our award winning brewers love to make beer. Whether it's their beer or yours the same amount of passion and attention will be given to the brew. Our 35hl brewhouse gives a versatile entry level brew length, for people wanting to build volumes, try new things on more versatile kits, or simply brew your first batch of beer. Our brewers love to press the edges of their understanding in their world, so Best bitter to Nitro stout, filtered to fined we have you covered.

Get yourself aboard the Beartown beer train, we don’t know where it’s going, or stopping, but it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Beartown Brewery would like to partner with brands and retailers looking to expand their product ranges to include a craft beer offering to their customers.

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