Adding product to the Alvio B2B Platfrom is incredibly simple and fast if you connect your Ecommerce store. For CSV see here

First Connect your store either Shopify or WooCommerce 

More ecommerce integrations coming soon to request a specific integration feel free to contact us here

Once you have connected your store you will see you Alvio dashboard. To add your products to the platform as a supplier or to utilise Product Authentication please follow the simple steps below.

  1. Login to Alvio
  2. Click Manage Connection
  3. Use the Filters & Search to narrow the selection of products
  4. Bulk Select or Individually Select the products using the tick boxes  
  5. Click Import to Alvio


 NB: Only products with Active Status will appear and can be added to the Alvio platform. The do not need to be published to any Sales Channel  

Once imported you can are then ready to make your first connection to a retailer or use other functionality