Sending a new connection request

To be able to send a connection request both businesses need to be connected and signed up to the Alvio Platform.

To send a new connection request you will need the Alvio Partner ID of the merchant you would like to connect with which is available from theirs or your Alvio Dashboard once T&C's have been accepted. 

Once they have shared their Alvio Partner ID with you you need to complete the following steps:

  1. From the Alvio Dashboard, click Manage Partnerships
  2. Click on Tabs to select the connection type
  3. Click Create new connection
  4. Upgrade plan if necessary for the connection type
  5. Enter the Connection ID of your partner
  6. Click Send request
  7. Review your request and Click Confirm & Send 


Receiving & approving a connection request

New connection requests appear on the Dashboard, click Accept or Reject

You will also be alerted by email for new incoming connection request whether you are a supplier or a retailer  

Only after the request has been accepted can the connection between the two stores be configured.

Product sharing preferences

Products will not be automatically shared when a new connection is created. The source store has full control over which products they would like to share with any connected destination store.

Once a new connection is approved you will need configure the connection