Finding available products

Once you’ve connected to a supplier and they have configured the connection you are free to review, select and import products into your store from them.

  1. On the Dashboard, click Manage Partnerships or for new connections displayed on the dashboard click Configure connection
  2. Click Product Suppliers Tab
  3. Click on the Configure connection
  4. Select the products you wish to Import and click Import To Store

Importing products

You can import products one at a time or in bulk. To import in bulk simply select the checkbox of all the products you would like to import and then select import. To import products one at a time click on the product to view the full product details. From the product detail modal you can import the product to your store.

Publishing imported products

Before you publish an imported product you will need assign the product to any relevant collections. You might also want to edit the product data to make sure that the product information is displayed correctly within your store. Once you are happy the product data is correct you can publish the product to your store.