Connecting Your WooCommerce Store to Alvio via The REST API is quick and Simple.

Before you integrate your store you will need to sign up for an Alvio account here and also create REST API detail for your WooCommerce store.


  1. Login to your Alvio Account
  2. Select WooCommerce from the list of connection types & Click Connect
  3. Enter you WooCommerce REST API details in the fields provided
  4. You will also need your websites domain such as
  5. You can then import your products to the Alvio Platfrom and or create partnerships  

Getting your WooCommerce REST API details

  1. Login to your store Admin
  2. Follow the instructions provided here 
  3. Copy the resulting details into your Alvio account as instructed above

Once connected you can start publishing your products to the platform of make you first connection to a B2B partner 

NB: WooCommerce Connection Limitations 

As this is the first phase of the connections development there are some minor restriction in the functionality it provides.

Connections between Shopify & WooCommerce 

In this scenario The Shopify store always has to be the supplier and the Woo store the retailer. In addition Stock and Tracking numbers will not be synced between the two stores.  

Connections between WooCommerce & WooCommerce 

These connections either store can be supplier or retailer, however, stock and order tracking numbers will not be sync'd