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ROKIT - ‘unicorn’ drinks delivering real health & wellness benefits, & fabulous taste

ROKIT drinks contain 100% Arabica coffee enriched with vitamins, minerals and botanicals. Bringing wellness and taste together using the highest quality ingredients. Give life a Rokit with Nespresso compatible pods, Ready to Drink cold brew coffees and instant coffees.
ROKIT wants people to live life to their fullest. To think, work, look, play and sleep better. In 2016, Scott created something a little bit different. He created ‘unicorn’ drinks that deliver real health and wellness benefits alongside fabulous taste experiences with today's lifestyles and the planet in mind. Today ROKIT continues this mission, creating and innovating new ways to bring wellness and taste together.

ROKIT loves the art and craft of creating the perfect blend. Where every drink is made with the highest quality natural ingredients. Where sourcing sustainably and ethically is the rule. With every drink created to fit around your daily life. And every drop focused on exceptional flavour and goodness to lift your mind, body and soul.


ROKIT nespresso pod range on Alvio

The ROKIT range of Nespresso Pods is vegan friendly and 100% recyclable. Each pod contains high quality and perfectly balanced 100% arabica coffee from the Brazilian Cerrado region. Their range of perfectly blended coffees include: 

  • Mind boost coffee
  • Immunity boost coffee
  • Energy uplift coffee
  • Total glow coffee
  • Sweet dreams decaf coffee
  • Mighty matcha green tea


The perfect on the go boost, the ROKIT ready to drink range contains the perfect balance of 100% Arabica cold brew coffee and oat milk. Each product is enriched with vitamins and minerals to support your nervous system and contribute to your mental performance, reduce fatigue or support the immune system. They’re the tastiest way to give your mind that needed boost and the perfect drink for a healthy lifestyle. 

ROKIT ready to drink range

Other products within the range include Mighty Matcha & Coconut M!lk Latte made from finest matcha made from specially grown and ground green tea leaves, blended with coconut milk, to be enjoyed as part of a normal healthy lifestyle. 

ROKIT’s Protein Coffee Latte - cold brew coffee & milk (18g protein)is the perfect balanced combination of 100% Arabica cold brew coffee blended with high protein and lactose free milk.  With 18g protein and only 139 kcal per can, it's the tastiest way to give you that extra protein and energy you need after a workout and for a healthy lifestyle. 

Rokit products have been stocked in some of the nation’s top supermarket chains, and now you can stock them in your own ecommerce store too. ROKIT ideally want to collaborate with brands and retailers in the health and wellness sector, FMCG retailers, food, drink, beverage retailers, fitness retailers and brands.

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