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Derwent & Dunne’s aim is to bring you exceptional coffee using growers of quality, roasted to order, to produce a robust, rich collection of balanced flavours. They are passionate about bringing you the finest coffee experience right to your fingertips.

After discussing how surprisingly hard it was to get good coffee and how most of the time what was described wasn’t what you got, the team at Derwent & Dunne started to think that if they were struggling then maybe others were too. Lots of people were tolerating average coffee, whilst constantly looking for the cup they really wanted. Derwent & Dunne set out to find the best coffee around and then share it with you so you don’t have to spend ages looking for yourself.

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The team behind Derwent & Dunne love coffee and the whole experience behind creating the perfect cup. It isn’t just about trying to get a quick caffeine kick in the morning, it’s the whole ritual. Not only do they love coffee, they also love our dogs and, therefore, decided they wanted them involved in their little coffee adventure. Each blend of Derwent & Dunne coffee has their name to it and each blend portrays their character.

Derwent & Dunne also know how important it is to have the perfect bean, the nicest mug, the right milk and the correct machine. A good coffee experience is the sum of all these parts and more and the team are excited to bring this to your home.


Derwent & Dunne believe in the extraordinary power of coffee to connect people, spark conversations, and create moments of joy. Their commitment goes beyond providing top-tier coffee; it extends to our deep-rooted values of sustainability, responsibility, and global impact.

Sourcing excellence

Derwent & Dunne made a conscious choice not to be just another coffee roaster. Instead, they've embarked on a journey to discover and bring you the world's finest coffees. Their commitment to sustainability led us to the realisation that joining the ranks of countless roasters might not be the most responsible path.

A global quest for excellence

Rather than contributing to additional environmental pressures, Derwent & Dunne has chosen a different route. They tirelessly search for the most exceptional coffee beans grown sustainably across the globe. By doing so, they ensure that every cup of Derwent & Dunne coffee not only delights taste buds but also supports ethical farming practices and the livelihoods of coffee communities.

Your time, their effort

We understand that your time is valuable. That's whyDerwent & Dunne have taken it upon themselves to find and curate the best coffees available. Their mission is to save you the effort of scouring the market for the perfect coffee; instead, you can trust us to deliver excellence directly to your cup.

Brewing a better world

With every sip of Derwent & Dunne you're not just enjoying an exceptional coffee; you're contributing to a vision of a better world. Their commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the well-being of coffee-producing communities underscores every step of our journey. Join them in savouring more than just a cup of coffee – savour a commitment to excellence, responsibility, and a sustainable future. Welcome to Derwent and Dunne, where your coffee experience transcends the ordinary.

Derwent & Dunne would love you to be a part of our journey as they grow. Working with partners, they are hopeful they can help more people have a better day. Derwent & Dunne are looking to add suppliers of tea, hot chocolate, other coffee blends, single origin coffees and accessories including mugs and pots to their store.


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