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London Seaward FC is an Independent Women's Club in East London. Playing in the FA Women’s National League, they are one of London’s highest ranked Independent Women’s Football clubs. Committed to ensuring equality of access to football regardless of background or income, their goal is to show women’s clubs don’t need to be someone else’s “women’s team” to compete. 

London Seaward FC are expanding their merchandise offering and are looking for suppliers of quality football merchandise and accessories to partner with them through Alvio. 

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From the game’s earliest days, East London has been a heartland of amateur and professional football alike. The area is home to the second oldest football club in London, Leyton Orient and has a long history of both professional and amateur clubs at all levels.

Football in London is forever linked with its waterways, and with the sea. London Seawards once played under the Leyton Orient name. When this relationship ended in 2021, they decided to carve a path as one of London’s only player-owned, independent senior teams.

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As a club they embody the following qualities; resilience, independence and pride. Their dreams for the future, of success and equality, are the same ones that sit at the heart of our community in East London. 

The club’s history is indelibly linked to their London home, and their future is as well. And that home is a city of rivers. A maritime city. A city that for millennia has turned its eye towards the open ocean, and built itself up from nothing on the hopes and dreams offered by the sea. At that point, there was only one name that felt like it would fit: London Seaward FC.


As a club, a number of values drive everything they do. These values were chosen by their players, and lie at the heart of who they are, and who they strive to be. For London Seawards, it’s important for any new partners to also embody the following values; passion, inclusivity, positivity and most importantly respect. Respect in football is built through valuing those around you, both as teammates and people, with integrity, openness and honesty.

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At London Seaward, they value their identity as a club and the diverse backgrounds of those within it. They are passionate about building a strong, supportive and respectful environment, striving to get the best out of themselves and those they partner with.

Partnering with London Seaward FC as a merchandise supplier provides exposure to an audience of dedicated fans, supporting one of London’s highest ranked Independent Women’s Football clubs.

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