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Foudys are the first, and only, official merchandise retailer dedicated to the players and fans of women's football. Foudys produce amateur kits from scratch. They offer training and equipment, and supply replica kit and gear


Put yourself in the boots of a female football player. You wear boots that fit men's feet. Your goalie wears gloves that fit men's hands. You wear jerseys that fit men's bodies. Foudys are here to make change happen and create an offering for the 13 million female players and fans. Foudys is on your team. Foudys is creating a community for these people that empowers footie fans, giving them the ability to emulate and support their icons.

Foudys proudly supporting women's football


Foudys are pioneers in women's football. They are leaders in women's football retail and they’re working hard to become champions of women's football equality and the growth of the game.

Founded by Helen Hardy in 2020, a passionate supporter of women’s football, and campaigner to improve women’s access to sport. Helen recognised that merchandise is a key way of increasing brand awareness and the commercial aspects of the game. Back in 2020 the accessibility to specific women's football products simply wasn't good enough, so Helen set out on a mission to change that and create a centralised platform which recognised the fans and players of women's football. Inspired by and named after the legendary Juile Foudy’s, Foudys have managed, through hard work with brands and other entities, to improve the product ranges, improve the accessibility and support the growth of women's football. 

Let's continue to make HERstory.  

Foudys advocating for women in football


Foudys know from experience that it can be a challenging trying to find the right size or fit kit. So, they have created a space where real people talk about the differences between brands, size, cut, materials and more. With their assistance, customers can find their perfect amateur or replica kit.

Fit: When it comes to football shirts the fit you pick can make all the difference. Most come in two styles:

Straight fit, stereotypically called men's fit, is loose fitting creating a casual and comfortable look.

Curved fit, stereotypically called women's fit, hugs the waist and hips creating a more fitted look.

Material: There is a notable difference between the fabrics of football shirts. If you have two shirts made by different brands, take a minute to feel the differences between them and note your preference.

Brand: Nike, Adidas, Puma, they all approach their design of football shirts in different ways. You will find differences in texture, size, style and more between brands.

Foudys are keen to branch into other merchandise surrounding women's football.

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  2. London Seaward FC on the Alvio Partner Platform
  3. Munãgiso Period Pants on the Alvio Platform
  4. Lola Starr on Alvio, the ecom partner platform
  5. IDA Sports on Alvio, the ecom partner platform

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