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Coral Eyewear is the sustainable eyewear brand. Experience their Italian crafted frames created from recycled materials such as rescued fishing nets. British designed; they ensure that sustainability doesn't compromise on style. Inspire your next adventure with Coral Eyewear.


Coral Eyewear was born from a dedication to shine a spotlight on sustainable solutions. Created by father-son team of George and Calvin Bailey, Coral Eyewear is on a mission to educate the world about planet-positive solutions. For Coral Eyewear, sustainability is underpinned by a commitment to innovation and constantly challenging the use of plastic in the eyewear industry.


Make your next pair of sunglasses sustainable with a choice of cat-eye, round, square or angular fashion-pieces, alongside expertly engineered wraparounds - timeless frames, designed by eyewear industry experts in the UK.

A dedication to using eco-friendly materials, such as regenerated ocean plastic and  recycled acetate, alongside cutting-edge lens technology, has led to awards and press from the likes of Mens' Health, GQ, Woman & Home and BBC News. This is sustainable luxury.

 Display of Coral Eyewear with founder George Bailey


Coral Eyewear has signed a multi-year agreement with Williams Racing to be an Official Licensee! You’ll now see your favourite F1 drivers wearing Coral’s distinctive polarised-mirror sunnies this season. The partnership enabled their designers to push the boundaries of engineering and create eyewear that will enhance performance around the track.

Coral Eyewear, official Licensee with Williams Racing

Coral Eyewear has also partnered with reigning T20 Blast Champions, Kent Cricket.The partnership will see Kent Cricket players and staff sport Coral Eyewear sunglasses across County Championship and T20 matches this season, as part of the club's ambition to take steps towards more future-facing practices.


Every pair of glasses and sunglasses crafted by Coral Eyewear is made from recycled materials. Their sunglasses are made from rescued ocean waste materials and other recycled plastic. The process begins with rescued fishing nets and pre- and post-consumer waste which would otherwise be sent to landfills or discarded in the environment.  

Coral Eyewear co-founders George and Calvin spotted the inefficiency within the eyewear industry and decided to source a reclaimed material for a new kind of eyewear. Coral is the first British brand to launch a collection of eyewear made with ECONYLⓇ polymer. 

With broken frames such a large part of the waste issue at the heart of the eyewear industry, ECONYLⓇ  forms a strong frame for the Coral designs that you can trust to be just as tough as virgin plastic - without damaging our planet. Using ECONYL regenerated nylon reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with nylon made from oil. 

The eyewear industry also uses a huge amount of unnecessary packaging.  All Coral Eyewear packaging is created with fully recyclable kraft paper and the case and cloth which accompany every frame are produced using recycled PET. 

Coral Eyewear sunglasses and their recyclable kraft paper packaging

Coral Eyewear is an example of a business taking responsibility for the eventual disposal of their products, as well as their creation. Due to regenerated nylon’s properties, the frames can be recycled infinitely without losing quality and, as a result, customers can send their frames back to Coral for recycling. To incentivise the take-up of this circular economy solution, the brand will send you a healthy 10% off your next frame.

Coral Eyewear are hoping to find partners who share their sustainability ethos, ideally using ECONYL or similar sustainable materials.

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