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In 2004, 250 intrepid Rat Racers gathered at Edinburgh Castle for an extraordinary televised event that saw them running, biking, abseiling, kayaking and navigating all over the city on a course that was only revealed moments before they began. That was the beginning. In 2017, Rat Race is the largest provider of adventure challenges in Britain, having operated over 500 events and seen nearly a million souls cross one of our start lines.

Now they're throwing everything they have learnt from their participation in and operation of these countless events into bringing you the kit you need to complete your own adventures. Rat Race Apparel is a collection that embraces all of our knowledge and harnesses our passion for endurance sports.

Rate Race Ecommerce Partnerships On Alvio

Rat Race believe adventure exists from the city centre to the mountain tops and they have tried to craft our range to suit. They know what kit is out there and they’ve tested plenty. While they're not an Elite mob of the lean and mean either - our #RatRacer development and testing team consists of plodders, racing snakes, competitors and completers; and their testing ground isn’t in a lab – it’s on the streets and in the hills.

They have taken their kit to all of their own events and to plenty of others too. The chafe test is against real rubbing, Rat Race waterproofing has been proven in the driving rain and they have found themselves sat on the side of many a chilly hill to ensure our thermal garments are toasty. They used foot, bike and boat to test all of their kit to destruction. They have driven over stuff, pulled it apart, lived in it, blown it up and broken bones in it. If it ain’t robust, it ain’t Rat Race.

So they know the Rat Race team like it. But of course they would say that. They think it’s decent and hope you do too. Go out there and get it on. Get ready to wear your adventure on your sleeve, Rat Race style. 

Rat Race are open to partnering with brands and retailers in the sports, outdoor and travel industries. 

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