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Chia Charge has been producing sports nutrition since 2012. Their protein products harness the power of chia seeds. They’re designed to enhance your performance and provide a delicious taste. The Yorkshire baked flapjacks are made with simple and wholesome ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard. They prioritise quality and aim to make you feel amazing while using our products.


Chia Charge is a brand that focuses on utilising chia seeds to create energy and protein bars. Their bars are designed to provide individuals with the necessary fuel for their regular exercise, training, and events. They prioritise taste above all else and ensure that our products are delicious before launching them. Don't just take their word for it, check out their reviews and see how much our customers appreciate the great taste of our bars!

Chia Charge believes in using simple and familiar ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard. They embrace the use of brown sugar and golden syrup, as customers understand the importance of carbohydrates in their endurance activities. They recognise that carbs are crucial for optimal performance and cater to the needs of individuals who rely on them to excel.


“Having used gels in the past, to the point of being sick of them, I realised that I needed something that I would be happy to eat regularly that also helped me perform well. The idea of eating gels or some of the other equally poor tasting products for the next 10,20, 30 or 40 years persuaded me that the market was sadly lacking in what I call “real food”.”

Tim Taylor, Chia Charge founder

Tim Taylor, Chia Charge founderOver the last seven years, they have made some updates to their packaging and improved their website, but one thing remains unchanged - their commitment to creating delicious flapjacks made from real ingredients in their Yorkshire bakery. They have no intention of altering this approach as it has been the key to their success.


Chia seeds are an excellent source of plant-based protein, making them a valuable addition to a healthy plant-based diet. Chia Charge understands the importance of catering to vegan lifestyles, which is why they offer a diverse selection of vegan options in their bars and flapjacks and even their nut butters are vegan-friendly. 

Chia Charge use no nonsense, sustainable ingredients

Chia Charge are highly conscious of the environmental impact associated with dairy farming. As a result, they are consistently working towards expanding our range of vegan products to provide customers with more options to make a conscious choice for example, in their vegan flapjacks, they utilise coconut oil and cashew butter as substitutes for dairy butter, ensuring that they maintain the same great taste and texture while remaining true to our values.

Chia Charge makes it a priority to ensure that none of our products contain palm oil.

Chia Charge ideally partner with retailers in the health food, outdoor and sports channels, who are not already serviced by the Chia Charge distributor.

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