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Established in 1877, Wolverhampton Wanderers were founder members of the Football League along with eleven other clubs. Now known as the English Football League (EFL), it was the world’s first domestic football league.

Wolves, as they are commonly known, have won 17 major trophies in their history, including 11 league titles, four FA Cups and two League Cups.

The Club’s teams include their First Team, Women’s Team, Under 21’s and Under 18’s. They also have a club Academy to foster youth footballing talent. 

The club's famous colours, black and gold, are unique in the English League. They originate from the motto of the city, 'Out of Darkness Cometh Light'. Black represents darkness and gold represents light - "After darkness (black) always comes light (gold)." The colours were changed from old gold to gold in 1954 as the club wanted a brighter shirt colour when playing under Molineux's famous floodlights.

The Wolves team in action on the pitch

Molineux has been the home of the Wolves since 1889 and has provided the city with one of its most famous landmarks. 31,700 fans currently fit into the stadium after £18 million was invested in the Stan Cullis Stand - the North Bank, as it's commonly known - in 2012. The ground has also staged four England full international games and various England under-21 matches, most recently in 2020.

The Molineux, Wolves offical grounds

Wolverhampton Wanderers are proud to have passionate fans who want to wear the badge. The club puts a lot of work into protecting the Wolverhampton Wanderers brand to ensure that fans have their support rewarded on and off the pitch.Brand protection is the part of the club’s work which focuses in stopping individuals and companies from using these intellectual property rights unofficially, especially when their goal is to profit without contributing to the club’s success or to fans’ enjoyment. Wolverhampton Wanderers asks that fans only purchase official club products which can be purchased on their online store and through approved partners. 


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