The business world is in a permanent state of transition. However, the last ten years have seen truly dramatic changes that have revolutionised the business landscape.

New tools and platforms have given rise to a new age of entrepreneurship, increasingly led by young people with fresh ideas.

At Alvio, we’ve designed our store collaboration application specifically with the needs of new entrepreneurs in mind. Discover how we can help take your business idea to the next level below.

Taking Advantage of the Rise of E-Commerce

A few years ago, online sales were seen by many businesses as an extra alongside their main business. Now, they are a core part of most businesses’ output.

According to European statistics from, the percentage of turnover for businesses generated by e-sales increased from 14% in 2011 to 20% in 2020. Those figures are only going to increase, particularly following the impacts of COVID.

There are many reasons why e-commerce has seen such a notable increase. The main ones to note are the adoption of tools and services by both consumers and businesses.

It is now remarkably easy for anybody to create a high-quality e-commerce website. Platforms such as Shopify allow new entrepreneurs to create seamless consumer experiences and start earning money straight away – so long as the product is good and well marketed, of course.

There are even more modern tools, such as dropshipping and collaborative commerce, that allow businesses to supercharge their growth with minimal effort.

Creating a Business Built for the Modern Age

While the modern world of e-commerce comes with a lot of advantages, it does present some new and unique challenges.

Competition is at an all-time high. The growth of multi-sector conglomerates like Amazon and eBay makes it harder for smaller websites to get noticed.

There is also the changing nature of consumers to consider. With a whole wealth of products presented and promoted on social media, people are now buying in line with trends in almost every sector of business.

As a result, modern entrepreneurs need to be more agile now than at any time previously.

E-commerce businesses must be able to adapt their offering at breakneck speed to keep up with trends. This could mean introducing and removing products, changing prices or creating unique and engaging offerings in line with our rapidly-changing interests.

A Codeless Solution to Modern E-Commerce Expansion

Alvio is the ideal solution to meeting these modern business challenges. Our platform is designed to ensure your website’s offering is responsive, competitive and exciting every day.

Alvio is a collaborative commerce network, allowing members to connect and share products and data in real-time.

With our platform, you can quickly and easily engage with brand collaborations by offering your products for sale on other websites, reaching new customers and increasing revenue streams.

Collaborations also work the other way; by offering others’ products you can increase your site’s offering and excite your customers with zero risk.

What makes the Alvio platform unique is that everything happens in real-time. You can remain in control of your product details and pricing, while orders can be handled from the product’s existing website, removing the need to stockpile.

Perhaps most importantly for new entrepreneurs, the Alvio platform requires no development skills. There are no messy spreadsheets or CSVs to download or update –  with Alvio you can simply plug and go.

Alvio is the e-commerce network built for the new age of collaboration between modern entrepreneurs. If you would like to learn more about how Alvio can work for you, why not contact our team today?

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