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Asilia Salt - Sustainable Sea Salt made from 4 simple ingredients

Sustainable Sea Salt made from four simple ingredients; sea sun, wind and a beautiful community. Asilia Salt are famous for their flavoured salts that will bring your cooking and dishes alive. They have combined Tanzania’s finest, organic ingredients with their salt to create an amazing range of flavoured salts to take seasoning to another level. Their range includes Pepper & Chili Salt and zesty Coconut Lime Salt. 

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Asilia Salt have been sustainably farming sea salt in their family for over 70 years. To create good sea salt, you need a mixture of knowledge, patience and most of all, passion. Thankfully mother nature, and gravity does most of the work to create their sea salt. Their great community of salt farmers from the village of Kitame hand harvest the sea salt when it’s ready. 


Asilia uses the earth’s natural ingredients in a sustainable way. All they need is the pristine, nutrient-rich waters of the Indian Ocean with some sun and wind energy to create their sea salt. Their pan-to-plate process is simple: hand-harvest, sun dry, sort, clean, and package ready for your kitchen. Get a little pinch of East Africa today. 

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Asilia Salt takes seasoning one step further with a range of deliciously flavoured sea salts. They have meticulously sourced organic ingredients from Tanzania to create their flavour blends. Your kitchen should be ready with a flavoured salt range that is made for any occasion and cooking style.

The key principles behind the ingredients:

  • High quality
  • Organic
  • Locally produced
  • Supports local farmers

The Asilia range includes Pili Pili (chilli) Sea Salt, Applewood Smoked Salt, Hibiscus Sea Salt, Turmeric Ginger Sea Salt and of course Pure Ocean Sea Salt. 

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The purpose of Asilia’s journey is to produce sustainable sea salt whilst growing the community neighbouring our salt farm. Kitame is located in an extremely remote area with no electricity, fresh water supply, or permanent road. Through their community projects, the Kitame now has access to fresh water, electricity, a small clinic, school buildings and furniture, and we maintain the 10 kilometre stretch of road to allow safe access to the district road. The people of Kitame are our community and we want to invest in their future and well-being. 

Asilia are looking to expand their reach by partnering with food based retailers looking to add a pinch of difference to their current offering.

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