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Ben Simpson Furniture - handmade, bespoke and sustainable wooden furniture

Ben Simpson Furniture are all about handmade, bespoke and sustainable wooden furniture. They put a lot of thought into crafting wooden furniture that'll last a lifetime, be kind to the planet (super important!), and that the team would have in their own homes! From using sustainable wood to ditching plastic packaging, they are constantly brainstorming ways to be kinder to the Earth.
The team always expanding their collection of handmade wooden furniture to fit your home's needs. Whether you're looking for a rustic kitchen table, stylish outdoor furniture, or a functional home office desk, they've got you covered!
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All of Ben Simpson Furniture products are handmade in West Sussex, England. Their furniture is always made to order, ensuring that each one is unique to you every single time. They don't keep stocked products, working in this manner enables them to consistently maintain the quality of workmanship and reduce their impact on the planet.
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Customise your furniture to your heart's content because Ben Simpson Furniture don't keep stock like most companies. This enables them to provide a variety of size and colour options for you to choose from. This approach ensures...

No Overproduction & Zero Waste - they have always aimed to offer handmade, bespoke, and sustainable furniture without the extensive lead times and stock wastage!
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From the beginning the team said they will run Ben Simpson Furniture their way. Their mission being to create quality wooden products and give back to the planet more than what we take. Pretty simple uh? To the team, it only seems logical - let's give back to the planet more than we take! Pretty simple uh?
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The concept of 'Sustainability' isn't an afterthought or an empty marketing ploy - it has always been an integral part of who they are, how they work, and the products they create. They love nature and want to do everything they can to have a positive impact on the planet for the future of our ‘little ones’.
Ben Simpson Furniture are looking for a range of homeware accessories to compliment their handmade wooden products. Ideally partners would share some mutual values, for example, the team are currently in the process of completing their B-CORP verification, so suppliers that are B-Corp and UK based would be ideal. 
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