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Maxine Becker is the face and owner of Bibi Bijoux, a stylish, creative, and contemporary jewellery brand, designed with the modern woman in mind. Having worked with and Bibi for over 20 years, Maxine is passionate about all thing’s jewellery, sparkle, glamour, and life! The brand has a loyal fan base, and the collection is loved by all ages.

Unique design and quality of final product alongside customer service at an affordable price. Our collections are completely unique, driven by what our customer wants and needs to complete her outfit or to gift a loved one. We reach out to our customers and value their feedback. We have regular newness in our collections to keep our customer excited whilst always ensuring we are in stock of our bestsellers held in our UK warehouse.

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Women's Apparel, Gifting or Events businesses

We want to reach the right customer with the right product. We are an agile brand with numerous options of stocking product from drop ship to concession but we want a partner who is looking to work with us to reach their customer base

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Facebook: KTxBBJewellery
Instagram: bibibijouxlondon