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Bio Synergy - innovative health and fitness products

Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has been a leading innovator in health and fitness, headquartered in the UK and winner of numerous awards and accolades. Bio-Synergy World's first DNA & Epigenetics home test kit & app to provide actionable 360º lifestyle plans all at your fingertips. Not just a generic questionnaire, but a hyper personalised report about how you can live your best life. 
Unlock your potential. Whether you want to turn back the clock on ageing, set a new personal best or add life to your years, a Bio-Synergy DNA Kit will give you the understanding and information you need to make it happen. 

Bio-Synergy uses the GSA to analyse 800,000 SNPs (Single nucleotide polymorphisms, frequently called SNPs, pronounced “snips”) to provide 300 personalised reports . The combination of solid genetic science and human interaction is key to designing a custom chip that is beneficial to the individual. This then leads onto a custom algorithm design.

They use state of the art laboratory automation ensuring accuracy and reliability. Their world class laboratory partner is the number one global leader in the bioanalytical testing market. They operate over 800 labs in 47 countries, ensuring your results are as accurate as can be. Their partner complies with ISO 17025:2005. The certification is applied to Illumina Infinium genotyping protocol ISO 17025:2017 Accreditation.

Bio-Synergy is committed to ensuring you have absolute control over your personal information, which is why they adhere to the highest security standards and use the latest encryption technology so you never have to worry about your data.


Using their proprietary AI and research, Bio-Synergy combines the knowledge and experience of nutrition, medical and genetic experts to deliver personalised results, so you can find out what you need to do to change your life for the better. Everybody needs particular vitamins, rest, exercise and diet so you will get the guidance that you need.

Bio-Synergy's Approach

Personalised plan: DNA analysis provides you with a tailored plan to live your best life.

Tailored Training: Exercise plan personalised to your DNA and lifestyle, which can adapted to your changing goals.

Lifestyle Tracking: Tracks your steps and syncs with other devices to track sleep, activity, heart rate and much more.

With the above information, Bio-Synergy create a personalised genetic action plan covering all aspects of your lifestyle. 


Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has been dedicated to delivering quality, affordable and innovative solutions to help you make it happen. That’s why we use a UKAS-accredited and Illumina CSPro Certified Service Provider for our DNA testing, and all of our supplements are manufactured to GMP standards and we are also Informed Sport registered.

Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has been a brand with a BIG heart and even bigger commitment to developing products that support an individual’s fitness, lifestyle and sporting goals, whilst being considerate to the world around us. Following a great deal of hard work by #TeamBioSynergy and B Corp UK, are delighted that their brand has met the criteria to join a growing community of brands large and small dedicated to making it happen. Bio-Synergy is the first sports nutrition and DNA brand to have met the required standards.

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