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Biome9 GutDiscovery® at home dog testing kit

Dogs can't tell you what's missing from their diet. Take the guesswork out of what to feed your dog. Decode their gut health with Biome9’s simple at-home test and uncover unique health insights and dietary needs.

Biome9 is a precision pet wellness brand, on a mission to redefine pet health through the application of cutting-edge life sciences with the help of our proprietary bioinformatic AI.

Biome 9's at home test kit

Did you know: 

  • 92% of dogs experienced at least one symptom of gut microbiome imbalance in the last 12 months
  • Over 60% of reported health problems in dogs have links to their gut microbiome
  • 1 in 3 dogs have unhealthy levels of E. coli in their gut microbiome

Test your dog’s microbiome and unlock insights that will help them stay happy and healthy for life. Taking control of your dog's gut microbiome could provide the answers to more than you might think, healthier digestion, allergies & skin itching, earlier disease detection, reduced inflammation, better joint health, improved mood & behaviour, and lower risk of obesity. Founder James Cox tells us what inspired him to start Biome9. 

"I've always been a committed dog owner, so when my dogs faced persistent digestive issues, like most owners, I sought out the usual treatments and consulted my vet. Unhappy with the lack of improvements, I started looking into gut health and uncovered a world of research that revealed the microbiome's crucial role in digestion and overall health.

Collaborating with nutritional experts, I developed a tailored plan of dietary supplements for my dogs, leading to remarkable improvements in just four months, especially in my most affected dog.

This journey inspired me to start BIOME9. Teaming up with Asher and our top team of data and bio-scientists, my hope is that we can offer this personalised, science-backed approach to nutrition to pet owners across the world."

Through Biome9’s pioneering biotech team in Cambridge Science Park, each dog’s GutDiscovery® Microbiome Profile test report is created using proprietary biotechnology and the result of exploration into millions of biomarkers - making it a gold-standard for canine health insight. 


Think of it as a detailed map of each dog’s gut health, comparing it against an even larger dataset. It will guide you through the findings and their simple solutions to bring balance back to their microbiome. Beyond that, it can even highlight early indicators of potential health concerns so that owners can proactively address them with your vet.

Biome 9 sample report

Your dog's sample contributes to our growing bank of data and new research. Thanks to our InvisbleHealth® AI, we’re able to detect new novel patterns and pinpoint emerging biomarkers; discoveries that hold the potential to identify early indicators and new diseases in dogs.

When paired with optimal nutrition strategies and the right care, they could drastically extend the lifespan of dogs who are predisposed to shorter and less happy lives.

GutDiscovery® opens up access to BiomeBites® - their range of soft, chewable supplements and probiotics, developed to support microbiome balance, healthy immunity, better digestion, and overall metabolic function. Each dog’s supplement programme is precisely calculated by the expert team of vets, microbiologists, and PhDs, who’ve trained their InvisibleHealth® AI to create a plan which supports each dog’s unique needs.

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