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Black Milk - cream spreads and granola

Black Milk is a food and drink dessert brand that creates delicious nut spreads. Their range of indulgent spreads includes Pistachio Cream, Hazelnut Cream, Madagascan Vanilla and White Chocolate Spread and Almond Cream. They have also created a range of granola which has been refined and perfected over nine years. 


Black Milk Cereal range of cream spreads

Madagascan Vanilla and White Chocolate Spread 

Their Madagascan Vanilla & White Chocolate Spread will make you smile. This Madagascan Vanilla & White Chocolate Spread is crafted with luxurious ingredients and offers a unique flavour. Perfect for spreading on toast or for baking, this spread is a deliciously creamy combination of Madagascan vanilla and white chocolate. Enjoy its sweet, rich flavour!

Hazelnut Cream Spread

Black Milk’s award winning Hazelnut Cream Spread is the stuff of dreams. Some say, it’s found nestled within a particularly ‘good’ chocolate covered wafer bar sold in packs of two. It provides a delicious hazelnut taste with a hint of white chocolate. Inspired by trips to Northern Italy, it has been an integral part of our Kinderella dishes over the last five years of Black Milk. 

Black Milk primarily uses their Hazelnut Spread in baking where they add it to make Kinderella Brownies, cheesecakes and cupcakes. You can also add it to some ice cream, milk along with some Nutella to create a Black Milk signature Kinderella Milkshake. Their Hazelnut Spread is delicious slathered across toast and crumpets, or even stirred into porridge.Black Milk also understands if you just devour it with a spoon!

Black Milk Cereal Desserts

Pistachio Cream Spread

Imagine Hazelnut Cream... but made with Sicilian Pistachios 🤯❤

Black Milk’s award winning spread has a delectable Pistachio taste inspired by Sicily, it's a luxurious addition to various dishes, providing a gourmet taste experience.

It’s a versatile ingredient, ideal for baking, the Pistachio Cream Spread can be used to make an array of desserts such as Kinderella Brownies, cheesecakes, and cupcakes. It can even be blended with ice cream and Nutella to create the signature Kinderella Milkshake.

Whether spread on toast and crumpets or stirred into porridge, this Pistachio Spread enhances everyday breakfast items with its delicious flavour. It can be enjoyed with a spoon or as an addition to your favourite treats, Black Milk's Pistachio Cream Spread can be savoured in multiple ways. It's a delightful treat for those who appreciate rich and sophisticated flavours and can be an anytime treat

Or why not try Pistachio Coffee Syrup.  You'll never use a syrup again after trying Black Milk’s Pistachio Cream Coffee


Black Milk's origins as a cereal café have always led them to dream of one day creating our own. So when they met Yockenthwaite Farm and tasted their delicious biscuity granola, they knew that their Pistachio Cream would be a match made in heaven for this highly acclaimed cereal!

Hailing from a small hamlet of the same name deep in the Yorkshire Dales, the Hird family has farmed Yockenthwaite Farm since 1842 and they know a thing about a hard day's work and just what's needed to fuel it. They started making their own special recipe granola in 2004 for guests staying at their farmhouse B&B, and what started as a diversification to support the farm has become a great passion.

Black Milk's range of Granola

Black Milk’s passion and knowledge of desserts and cereals bring a different dimension, meaning that when their Pistachio Cream is carefully blended into Yockenthwaite's secret recipe, the result is amazing; a wonderfully nutty granola, that's full of pistachio flavour, chocolate and crunch. Black Milk’s granola is high in fibre and a natural source of protein. It is also available with milk chocolate, chopped hazelnuts and Black Milk signature Hazelnut Cream hand baked into crunchy clusters. 

Black Milk are looking to partner with fellow foodies who are looking to add their range of cream spreads and indulgent granolas to their store.

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