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With a legacy spanning nearly 150 years and a tally of 12 domestic titles, Blackburn Rovers is one of the cornerstone clubs of football history. As a founding member of the Football League and the Premier League, the club went on to be crowned as Premier League champions in 1994/95 season, becoming the only town club to achieve this accolade.
Comprising of Men’s & Women’s first teams, Under 21’s and Under 18’s squads, the club is also renowned for their academy, creating football’s future stars.
The iconic blue and white halves adorning Blackburn Rovers’ kit go back to the club’s roots originating from the Shrewsbury and Malvern school teams.
Since 1890 Ewood Park has been the home of Blackburn Rovers, accommodating up to 31,000 supporters.
At the heart of their mission is the commitment of creating a brand which resonates with every supporter. Situated in the industrial landscape of the North West, they continue to seek innovative and imaginative approaches to engage their audience.
Collaborating closely with a network of businesses across the UK, Blackburn Rovers curate an array of high-quality merchandise, enriching the fan experience and expanding our offering to supporters far and wide.
With a blend of tradition, innovation, and community, Blackburn Rovers are always looking to work with new retailers through the Alvio platform.

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