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Award Winning Home Curry Kits

Turn up the heat in the kitchen without forking out for endless ingredients – these kits will give you the perfect measurements for making curry house-worthy dishes from home. All our kits our gluten free and vegan friendly with substitutions to the add at home ingredients.

"Boom Kitchen’s offering stands out for the value, ease of use and the incredible flavours of the curries themselves"  The Independent 

Awarded Best Curry Kit by the Independent Newspaper in their 2019 article, '9 best curry kits to help you make crowd pleasing curries with ease'

The Story

Fed up with bland, gloopy 'Asian' chuck-in sauces and pastes, Carl turned to the countless recipes gathered from his miss-spent youth lounging around in hammocks all over Asia. Written on the back of till receipts, postcards and torn out pages from the lonely planet, these recipes were begged and bribed from many a restaurant owner, chef and local guest house.


He went to work and quickly discovered that once all the prep was done and the various spices ground, pastes mixed and coconut grated and measured, these dishes could be knocked up in minutes. The taste and aromas coming from his frying pan took him straight back to the back streets of Penang, the beaches of Thailand and jungles of Sumatra.


Together with his friend Jim, sucker for a decent curry but clueless in the craft behind one, Boom Kitchen was born. The mission... To make scratch cooking their favourite curries fast, fun and free from artificial additives and preservatives.


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