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Innovation is at the core of the philosophy of Premier League team Brentford Football Club. It’s the most exciting time in the club’s history and with their challenger mindset, they create their own history. They nurture their fans, staff and men’s and women’s players. Everyone pushing forward, together, speaks to their style of play.

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Brentford Football Club stands for:

  • Togetherness: At the heart of everything they do is collaboration. There is only one project at the club, the Brentford project, one team, one, family, one community, one club.
  • Respectful: However successful or passionate, they always remain grounded. They show
  • Humility to others and let their actions speak for themselves. 
  • Progressive: In order to compete at the top level, they do things differently. Being courageous, taking calculated risks and constantly challenging the status quo. 

Sustainability at Brentford FC

Brentford FC are proud to call west London their home. They recognise the importance of protecting their local environment and that they have a responsibility to operate in a sustainable way and use their platform to promote sustainability.

They believe that sustainability is a journey, and they are committed to making progress, in significant investment decisions, like the way they have built their stadium, but also in small ways across the club. They have already achieved a lot but they are constantly seeking ways to improve their environmental practices, and they have more to do.

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They also know that they can't do this alone. They will need the support of their staff, their suppliers, their partners and their fans to make a meaningful impact. By working together, they can make a positive impact on the environment and create a more sustainable future for all.

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