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Heriot Hott is an Edinburgh based hot sauce business! Aiming to deliver deliciously diverse hot sauces, in bottles no less. The Heriot Hott range includes Louisiana-Style Seaweed Sauce, Seabuckthorn Sriracha, Yellow Habanero Sweet Chilli and Roasted Pineapple and Yellow Fatalli. 

Heriot Hott's hot sauces


Founder and sauce connoisseur Liam Kerr created the concept for these sauces with his expertise in pairing innovative and vibrant flavours. Like many, lockdown led him to a new calling which was crafting hot sauces. Born from his love of food with a kick and puns that leave a sizzling taste in the mouth

Liam Kerr's Heriot Hott

The name is inspired by Liam’s time at Heriot-Watt University. When talking about their range, Liam says : “It is known that a great hot sauce isn’t just packing heat, it has to be choc full of flavour. Into each bottle I have poured my care, my passion and my will to spice up your life." 

Heriot Hott we are passionate about the planet, that’s why all of their sauces are vegan and their ingredients grow close to home, so that you can enjoy them while we reduce our carbon footprint. That’s not to say that you can't use them on whatever you like!


Heriot Hott prided themselves on supplying everyone with the opportunity to indulge in their creations.That's why all sauces are full of plant based goodness and are 100% Vegan.  Heriot Hott products are right at the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. With a proud upbringing reigning from Heriot Watt, they try to bring our Scottish heritage into all of our creations.

Heriot Hott Range on Alvio

The range is packed full of flavour, from Seaweed to Seabuck, their flavour profiles really are bringing their inventions to life. Locally sourced and drawn from the ingredients provided by the environment, they are providing a unique and choc-full tasting experience. From hypothesis to hot sauces, each product has been carefully thought out to really tingle your taste buds. 

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