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JUX Food - a fresh take on dried foods

JUX Food makes it easy for everyone to access a nutritious, sustainable and plant-rich diet with 100% natural Super Ingredients. JUX Food offers a fresh take on dried foods. They take perishable foods and give them a lifespan of years, by using clever technology developed by NASA. Their range includes beetroot pieces, garlic pieces, basil leaves, and spinach powder. 

JUZ Food wants to start a nutrition revolution, making it easy for everyone to eat well. Plants are brimming with natural goodness, flavours and vibrant colours. Yet so much of this is lost through traditional heat-dehydration methods, with the products that we're used to (think: those dusty dried herbs in your cupboard!). JUX Food went on a journey to identify the very-best technology that captures all of this plant power, and stop unnecessary nutrient and flavour waste. 

Following countless hours of testing and research they found a super-smart solution that takes just the water out, and leaves everything else in. This advanced technology (developed by NASA) efficiently dehydrates plants, locking in the nutrients and giving them a lifespan of years. Bingo, we have super ingredients!

JUX Food has used this technology to create 100% natural cooking ingredients that are: 

  • Nutrient-dense: locking-in around 99% of the plant’s nutritional value
  • Sensually superior: keeping the plant’s fresh colour, and maximum flavour profile
  • Convenient: gives you instant access to plant-power in your kitchen cupboard, with products that stay fresh for years
  • Planet-friendly: cuts food waste, nutrient waste and also cuts green-house gas emissions by reducing food being discarded in the supply chain.

JUX Food believes their super ingredients can change the world. Their technology efficiently dehydrates the plant via a process called sublimation, locking in all the nutrients. It takes just the water out and leaves all the plant's natural goodness in, so all of their products are 100% natural. Just the way nature intended! This offers an alternative to the commonly-used heat-dehydration method, that destroys much of the plant's nutrition and flavour. Not only does this cut food waste and nutrient waste, but also cuts waste in the supply chain which historically has generated unnecessary green-house gas emissions.

JUX Food makes it easy for everybody to access a nutritious, sustainable and plant-rich diet with their brand-new super ingredients.Their range gives instant access to a vegetable garden, in your kitchen cupboard. It's the easiest and most delicious way for you to get your 5-a-day. They are looking to partner with food pantry stores, and foodie marketplaces looking to add highly nutritious ingredients to their store.

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