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Established in 2017 in the U.K, King of Kicks is a specialist retailer of rare and limited fashionable branded, sports and casual wear. 

King of Kicks is the UK's source for that Rare Pair, the Kicks everyone is talking about and everyone hopes to find. King of Kicks pride themselves on their range of footwear and apparel and are constantly updating their collections in line with emerging trends. They continually stock brands such as Off-White, YEEZY, Nike, Adidas, Stone Island, CP Company and many more..

As a young British brand, they are dedicated to bringing the sale of exclusive sneakers to the general public. They strive to bring a safe and personal shopping experience to every customer. With Global shipping, King of Kicks can send sneakers across the globe.

King of Kicks Studio with leather seats and a tv on a redbrick wall


All products that are sold are 100% genuine, King of Kicks do not endorse or tolerate fake items. Everything they sell is verified authentic. Packaging is checked for consistency in font, colouration & quality of materials used. They check the smell of the shoe to determine what type of glue was used to ensure it’s correct. UV light is used  to check for stitching patterns or errors, any factory stamps or any imperfections on the item. Accessories are examined to ensure they come with the correct, paper laces & box. Through years of dealing with thousands of pairs, the authentication team notices tiny details that normally you wouldn't.



King of Kicks have partnered with Ecologi to commit to combating climate change, so now with every order placed at King Of Kicks we will plant a tree on your behalf! That's right, a whole tree! These trees have an amazing ability to soak up carbon from the atmosphere to feed and grow, so every tree planted will help to improve climate change and reduce the carbon emission in the atmosphere. Trees provide home, shelter, and food to many species of animal, so by helping to plant trees you are providing these animals with more opportunity to live and thrive. Both animals and humans depend on trees for survival and health, so by combating deforestation today you are helping provide a healthy and sustainable future for us and generations to come


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