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The Production

At Lavandi, All of our shampoo and soap bars are crafted using a triple milled process. Unlike hand crafted cold pressed soap which loses its aromas in the heating process,  the triple milling process results in a more uniform, consistent and luxurious product.

It's the best way to get a consistently smooth, moisturizing lather, and it produces an abundant amount of fat for moisturizing your skin. Triple-milled soaps are also known for their ability to last for multiple years without losing their scent or hardness. 

The advantages of the triple-milled method are that it makes soap much faster and uses much less water than traditional methods which is a huge benefit. It also gives a very long shelf life and there is ZERO waste in the production. Winning!!! 

The production of triple milled soap is used with large expensive machinery which is why many soap companies and artisan soap makers use the “cold press” method as there are no investments and start-up costs, however you are losing out on the full benefits of the natural oils, butters and other ingredients. 

The production of all our products are made by us in Cheshire,UK. 



When it comes to the packaging, We were certain that there would be Zero Plastic involved. After months of research and several false starts, we managed not only to get Zero Plastic but also non-bleached cards, plant-based inks and aluminium jars with eco labels.

Now that the product and the packaging meets with the ethics of Lavandi fundamental rules, they go into production. All products are hand packed so that the quality of each item is checked individually.


We are always on the lookout for the most sustainable ways to get our products into your hands whilst minimising our carbon footprint. 

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