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Lost In Town Brewery was created because the team needed to find a missing beer. Having spent time investigating the drinks market, analysing what was out there and searching for clues to help them identify their target, they felt instinctively that they were the best men for the job but the odds were stacked against them. 

The team needed answers, yet no one was talking. It was hard work and there were times where they felt like giving up, but they knew they simply couldn’t quit. Thousands of desperate, thirsty souls were depending on them.

What they needed was a lucky break to set them on the right path, and they got it by going back to the basics and establishing the facts. What they discovered was that in recent years, drinkers in the UK had been served a raw deal. In the world of brewing mediocrity, there were usually only two options: mass-market, tasteless and overly fizzy beer, or local microbrewery craft ales here were simply too hoppy, ultra-creamy, or nauseatingly fruity. The first encouraged you to drink too much, and was dull and unsatisfying. The other was needlessly complex and too strong and trying way too hard. 

That left the team with a question: was the beer they were looking for really missing, or had it never existed? They knew what they were after. Their beer had to be the perfect pint on a night out. It had to be crisp, sharp, refreshing but not too heavy. A brew that tasted as delicious on the first sip early in the evening as it did at the last drop before heading home. It had to be desirable and drinkable. The kind of lager that is so good it will lead you on the kind of adventure where you might just get lost in town. 

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The Lost In Town team realised that deep down, they had always known; they’d have to do it the hard way and make the beer themselves. Taking matters into their own hands, first they developed their flavour profile, then tracked down their ingredients - Hersbrucker and Lemondrop Hops. The final missing piece of the puzzle came when they recruited a professional master brewer with years of experience to help them finish the job. They put this all together and the result was the lager they’d been looking for all along… Hard Ace. 

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Hard Ace

This lager works alone. It is hard-boiled, sharp as a razor and seriously smooth, but should never be underestimated. Hard Ace beer hits you with a classic one-two combination; a gentle jab of fruity and floral German Herbrucker Hops followed by a powerful hit of sweet and citrusy US Lemondrop Hops. 

Heartbreaker Pale Ale

This Session Pale Ale is simply irresistible. Easy on the eye and sweet on the lips, it is sexy, seductive but could spell trouble. Heartbreaker might make you do things you’ll regret in the morning

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