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Med Cuisine was founded out of the love of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food and the scarcity and unavailability of these products in the UK. Med Cuisine is the fastest-growing food brand in the UK and EU, trusted by the finest bakeries and cafes and by leading chef restaurants and 5-star hotels across the UK and EU.


Med Cuisine’s founding team brings decades of experience in the hospitality and fine dining industries, where they noted the increasing interest and demand for their beloved Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, with no quality supply to meet this growing demand.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines are renowned for their rich and diverse culinary traditions. From the vibrant spices to the fragrant herbs, and wholesome beans and grains, these cuisines offer a wide array of ingredients that create truly unforgettable flavours. By sourcing and providing these ingredients, Med Cuisine allows individuals and dining establishments to recreate the authentic tastes of these regions.

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Med Cuisine was founded in 2019, serving exclusively 5-star hotels and chef restaurants in London and European capitals. Over time, Med Cuisine has extended its services to cafes, delis, and bakeries and boutique stores.

With growing demand, Med Cuisine developed a unique line of products suitable for all customers, allowing everyone to use the finest products hailed by leading chefs around the world. Today, Med Cuisine is run by a passionate group of foodies with a shared vision of what good food should be: a harmony of tastes and textures bursting with flavours that make you savour every bite and wish each dish will never end!


Med Cuisine envisions a Mediterranean world where quality healthy and delicious plant-based products add flavour to each plate at every home across the world. They are here to spread the love

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Med Cuisine puts quality first. All of their products are based on 100% fresh ingredients with zero preservatives or additives.

They are on a never-ending journey to develop new products, better packaging and easier ways to shop and interact with customers.

Med Cuisine products are fair trade, single sourced, organic, and plant-based. They use reusable and recyclable materials.

Med Cuisine would like to partner with brands and retailers who are looking to stock quality Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products that have been tried and tested by chefs around the world. 

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