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The Mind For Health Natural Health Shop is born out of the Mind For Health Kinesiology clinic based in Cornwall.

Kinesiology uses the science of muscle response testing to evaluate and correct the motor responses of the central nervous system to create balance within the body. Kinesiology utilises muscle response testing to find which nutritional supplements are needed to correct nutritional deficiencies and achieve a higher state of health.

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In the Mind For Health shop, you can find an amazing collection of natural and ethically sourced nutritional supplements from trusted and well-renowned nutritional supplement companies including Nature's Sunshine and Lily & Loaf. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Mind for Health also educates customers about how Kinesiology is used to ensure you are buying the right nutritional supplements as well as improve the effectiveness of those nutritional supplements.


Gavin is one of the highest trained Systematic Kinesiologists in the UK (the original and authentic version of Kinesiology). He is trained to Diploma level which takes three years and he is trained to teach the Kinesiology Foundation and Practitioner course, which means not only is he skilled enough to teach others to a high quality professional level, but he has also gone through the training himself many times with different teachers. Gavin has also completed extra training in Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology, Animal Kinesiology and Child-centred Kinesiology.

Kinesiology’s muscle testing allows communication with your central nervous system to establish where imbalances are, unlike any other therapies. Muscle testing opens a dialogue with your subconscious which is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. This allows more accuracy in finding the root cause of problems, and allows us to go deeper than any other therapy, as muscle testing bypasses the consciousness of the practitioner and the client. For example, through muscle testing, Mind for Health is able to access repressed memories which need releasing; find food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies; find the physical dysfunction which is the root cause of your pains, instead of working on compensations which is what other therapies do. This is why Kinesiology is more effective.

Kinesiology is more holistic than any other therapy as it recognises that health is always made up of the emotional, biochemical, physical and electro-magnetic realms of life. Therefore, when illness or dysfunction occurs, all of these areas need to be addressed at the same time. For example, food allergies are emotional as well as due to a lack of nutrients; physical injuries always carry an emotional connection and require nutrition to heal; emotional trauma needs to be released energetically, not just through talking therapy. This is why other therapies do not provide complete healing, because they do not join the dots together. Furthermore, Kinesiologists do not just join two or three realms of health, we join four.

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