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OXEN, made for every moment. OXEN men's and women’s sportswear combines performance-driven design with contemporary style, offering versatile athletic apparel that meets the demands of both intense workouts and casual everyday wear. Their kids' sportswear blends durability and comfort with vibrant, playful designs, ensuring young athletes can move freely and confidently both on and off the field.
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OXEN footwear collection combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design, delivering superior comfort and performance for athletes of all levels. Their accessories, including socks, balls, and headguards, are crafted for durability and performance, ensuring you have the essential gear to excel in every game.

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The team behind OXEN are based in the UK and have been working in the sports industry for over 30 years. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and they deeply understand the sports industry, which means they never compromise on quality, because they want athletes, professional partners, and their fans to perform at their best.  Always.

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OXEN works alongside both professional and amateur athletes, providing the branded and innovative garments that enhance their training sessions. OXEN believes their partners share their values; they’re passionate about what they do and they perform at their very best. 

OXEN also partners with professional UK sports teams to create instantly recognisable kits and garments worn before, during and after games. But they’re not just a brand for professionals. OXEN sports and leisurewear is also for people who love sport just as much as we do.

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The celts valued OXEN for their virility, loyalty, and enduring physical productivity. It’s a word that encompasses everything about the brand’s elite athletes, brand ambassadors, and all the people wearing their sportswear – whether they’re on or off the pitch.

OXEN is for everyone! Their products support their professional and amateur clients to achieve their own sporting goals. Making sure their fans are with them all the way.

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