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Rebels with a Cause - sustainable eco-friendly products for home and body

Rebels with a Cause design and create sustainable everyday eco-friendly products for your home and health. Their range includes sustainable products such as bamboo toothbrushes, plastic free toothpowder, bamboo hair brushes, reusable straws and cutlery alongside steel drinking bottles, razors and environmentally friendly hair products including plastic free natural shampoo bars and conditioners. 

Rebels with a Cause are committed to be more and to do more, extending their sustainability targets beyond their products. Their product purchases will help support their actions toward a greener business, a better environment, and a healthier society. 

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In today’s world, where environmental consciousness is not just a trend but a necessity, Rebels with a Cause take immense pride in their commitment to sustainability. Their journey towards eco-friendliness is a meticulous one, guided by research, experience and a feel for what people need to help and motivate them to live in better balance with our planet. 

Rebels with a Cause operates as a 100% carbon-neutral entity, both in the storage of our products and in the delivery of orders. Based in the UK, they strategically position themselves to ensure swift and efficient delivery to their retail partners and consumers, all the while upholding our environmental commitments.


The key to sustainable products lies in understanding which materials endure and which do not. From there, they decide what in their product and package should perish and what should last. In their pursuit to promote eco-consciousness, they are bringing back the concept of reusability. By designing some of their products to stand the test of time without losing their usability, they aim to reduce waste, encourage consumers to make choices that benefit the environment. Others, whose very own nature is not a lasting one, they design it so it will parish completely. 

Designing waste out of their packaging is another important exercise for them, one of the most alarming statistics in the sustainability realm is that around 91% of plastic manufactured is single use plastic used for packaging. That’s why one of their first important milestones was to eliminate all plastic from their packaging. 

A prime example is their shampoo bars. Traditional shampoos are over 80% water, a critical issue given the limited fresh water on Earth. By removing water, they avoid plastic packaging, reducing product weight and volume by 80%. This single choice significantly diminishes the environmental impact during manufacturing, transportation, and storage.

Rebels with a cause range on Alvio


In the world of sustainability, collaboration is key. Rebels with a Cause takes pride in working closely with their partners throughout the supply chain to develop greener, more efficient manufacturing practices that also enhance bottom lines.

They understand what might look like a small change in the product can necessitate a costly redesign in the production process. However,they view the manufacturing stage as a critical juncture where they can implement changes that have the most immediate and meaningful impact. 

They favour partners who not only uphold sustainable manufacturing practices but also help stimulate social development in their communities. They hold their partners to high standards because Rebels with a Cause means much more to you than simply products.  

By choosing to partner with Rebels with a Cause you’re contributing to a purpose-driven brand that actively works towards a sustainable and equitable future. Working together, we’re not just sustaining the brand; we’re sustaining the planet and the people who call it home.

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